For bioleve, sustainability is much more than a concept. It's a value!
A premise that is present in our day to day and guides the way we do business. To provide sustainability, through our assets and operations, in the execution of environmental projects that promote the protection of the environment and contribute to the improvement of living conditions and social welfare - this is our business.
Copaiba Project
The Copaíba Project, supported bybioleve, aims to diagnose the areas of permanent preservation of the Rio do Peixe, guaranteeing a real knowledge of the ciliary areas, facilitating the creation of public policies aimed at the restoration and defense of the threatened areas. They are actions like those of the bioleve that guarantee the continuity of the works in defense of the Atlantic Forest!

The bioleveRecicla PET project was founded in 2015 with the objective of offering adequate destination for PET packaging.

Projeto Lixo do Bem