bioleve has responsibility and social awareness, supporting sport and the community
Therefore, their actions are done with the look to the community. With projects focused on the well-being of the residents of Águas de Lindoia, the company values ​​quality and campaigns to improve the living conditions of people around its facilities.
bioleve is the sponsor of Coral Veredas de Aguas de Lindoia, which has 55 members. The choir, governed by Marcela Cristina Pereira, has a varied repertoire. The group presents itself in meetings of corals, asylums, hospitals, Italian parties, public spaces and in hotels.

The judo team of Atlético Clube bioleve was formed in 1998, always made up of children and young people of the region. During this period, he won many national and international titles. In his victorious career, the team formed several champions, among them: Herman Birbrier, Brazilian champion, South American and Pan-American; Bruna Lopes de Pauli, two-time São Paulo and Brazilian champion; Patrícia Prudêncio, champion of São Paulo and Brazil in the pre-juvenile category, and Pan-American champion, in a tournament held in 2003 in Bolivia; besides Nathalia Ferreira Dias, who represented São Paulo in the children's class in the Brazilian of 2004, being placed third. Coach Gerardo Birbrier, who is responsible for the implementation, believes that the self-control, discipline and determination provided by judo help shape the personality of young people as a whole. BUTTON: www.fpj.com.br

In May of 2003, the company created the Football School linked to the Athletic Club bioleve. Our goal is to offer the children and young people of the region the opportunity for dignified development, through physical and sporting and cultural activities, seeking to educate young people for a better future.

Formed by professionals working in bioleve , the teams actively participate in the regional championships, with good performance, serving to motivate the appearance of other teams.

In addition to being concerned with the training of children and adolescents, bioleve supports amateur and professional athletics in the street racing mode, with excellent results, such as those obtained by African riders, always in the elite battalion in national and international competitions .

In line with its social responsibility project associated with sport, bioleve, through the isotonic Sport bioleve, supports great highlights of the modality as: Sergio Negão, Rafael Sevilla, Renatinha, Douglas Oliveira (Doguete BMX) and Evandro Índio (BMX).