The bioleve bioleve ReciclaPET was founded in 2015 with the objective of removing PET packaging from the environment by offering adequate disposal for them. The partnership is made with a company specializing in the decontamination process of PET, whose end result is to provide recycled material to be used again in different industries.
889 thousand bottles
removed from the street
13,000 + students
In order to remove PET packaging from the environment, offering adequate disposal. HOW DOES THE PROJECT WORK? • Awareness of students through lectures; • Collection of PET bottles in Big Bag's in schools; • Weekly withdrawal by bioleve; • Accumulation of points for school; • Accumulated score will be reverted to freebies for students and / or school.
For 1 kg of recycled plastic 1.5 kg of CO2 less is emitted into the environment.
1000 kg of PET (plastic) allow to produce 2 thousand pants in polyester.
With 5 PET bottles enough polyester can be obtained to produce a size G. T-shirt.