Quality Programs
In just 10 years of existence, the bioleve obtained the NSF International Quality Certification.
This qualification confirms that the bioleve adopts throughout its production process, standards and control of quality approved by international markets.
The NSF - National Sanitation Foundation, of the United States of America is the World Leading Organization in Food Security and Public Health Protection. NSF Internacional is a non-profit institution, founded in 1944, specialized in the development of standards, tests and quality certification in the areas public health, food safety and environmental protection. NSF certification programs are accepted and frequently required by public health entities around the world, recognized by the FDA and WHO. More than a recognition of the bioleve , the certification places the city of Lindoia, the State of São Paulo and Brazil among the renowned groups with the NSF seal.
To obtain NSF certification, the company goes through a rigorous process. Our certification took place in two main steps: First, our mineral water was analyzed in the United States. There were 180 parameters of physical, chemical and microbiological analysis. This analysis proved the water quality as international level. In a second stage, NSF technicians performed an on-site inspection, investigating our installations and filling processes, proving that we have adopted standards and controls for approved by international markets.
These two steps are repeated annually, so that we can maintain the NSF seal.
The certification program requires the bioleve to comply with and maintain the strict international standards of required by the NSF. For this, our mineral water continues to be tested periodically by NSF and our facilities and filling area are regularly inspected by highly trained professionals. These practices are a constant internal rule in bioleve , with our quality programs, analyzes daily in our laboratory and weekly evaluations carried out in accredited external laboratories.
HACCP started in 1959 when NASA needed to develop a system of safe supplies for space mission astronauts, to ensure that food was free from contamination. It is proactive and scientific approach was implemented in bioleve to reinforce and bring what is best in the world in preventive measures, aiming at product safety and quality.

HACCP is recommended by international bodies such as WHO (World Health Organization), FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and required by the European Economic Community and the United States. HACCP is recommended by international bodies such as WHO (World Health Organization) Health), FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) and required by the Community European and United States Economic Policy.

The bioleve , even with the Total Quality Program implemented, with its Good Practices of Manufacturing, diagnosed as at a level of excellence by SENAI and with NSF Certification, continues improving its processes towards food quality and safety with the implementation of this program. All this as part of the commitment to continue working for continuous quality improvement.